Few Unwritten Rules That You Need To Follow While Using Escort Service

Men often need a female company to enjoy a little companionship after going through their regular busy days. Also, many who have got their spouse or girl-friend too want to change their taste and prefer to visit an escort.

Therefore, one can get such a female company by contacting any escort agencies like Lovesita 92 of Paris. However, whenever you decide to meet an escort, then you need to follow certain rules so that you can have a pleasant experience and also liked by your escort.

  1. Make yourself presentable

You must make sure that you have bathed, shaved, well dressed before meeting the escort. You must consider her as your actual date.

Your escort too will feel awkward if you are poorly dressed, unshaved and do not maintain proper hygiene. She will certainly like to spend a little more time if you are presentable.

  1. Be ready for interesting conversation

Make sure that there should not be long silence during the time escort is spending time with you. In case you are not so talkative then try to find a few interesting topics of conversation so that the atmosphere remains lively.

Of course, your escort will carry it forward as most of them quite good conversationalists because of their profession.

  1. Don’t try to get too personal

You may discuss many topics, but avoid asking any personal questions, as no escort will be happy to talk or discuss anything which relates to her personal affair.

Perhaps, she is in this profession without the knowledge of her family and hence she would like to keep all her personal things totally secret.

  1. Answer her all questions 

She will also like to ask you many questions to know more about you so that she can please you better. Therefore, you must be ready to answer all of her questions.

She also would like to know that she is safe in your company and therefore, you need to assure her.

  1. Tell her clearly what you expect from her

If you have hired an escort, then you must be having certain expectations and therefore it is necessary that you must tell her clearly, as she cannot read your mind just by looking at you.

  1. Avoid getting drunk

Often people may feel nervous before meeting any escort and like to take little drink to calm them.

However, if you get drunk then it may create a poor impression about you. Neither will it help to enjoy your sex with her, if you are drunk.

  1. Keep her payment ready beforehand

Make sure that before the escort arrives, your payment must be ready with you. You must arrange for an exact amount of money as you cannot expect that escort will have change with her.

Pay her money in an envelope and let her count before you.

  1. Deal her with respect

You must understand that after all an escort is also a woman, who deserves certain respect. If you ever make any mistake then you must immediately apologize.

  1. Be safe while having fun

Prefer to use a condom while indulging in sex with her. She too will prefer to have safe sex so that both of you can have fun.

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