The second thing you should consider is the flash type

The second thing you should consider is the flash type. There are two different flashes available in the trail camera industry. The incandescent flash is the traditional bright white flash. This is awesome for taking color pictures at night however this also looks like a bolt of lightening flashing in the woods. BEST CAMERA FOR HUNTING

As you can imagine the game you are trying to track are very startled by this. New technologies such as infrared technology has tried to fix this problem with a soft red light flash that barely noticeable to the naked eye. While this is great for not scaring the game you are tracking, it only takes color pictures at night. Both incandescent and infrared cameras will take sharp color pictures during daylight hours. While the infrared technology is nice the incandescent flash is a lot cheaper.

The third aspect to look at when considering which camera to buy is the picture quality. The picture quality is measured in megapixels just as it is with any digital camera. The higher the megapixels the better the picture quality will be for that camera. However there is a large price difference for megapixels. Many cameras have different levels of picture quality for you to choose from. High quality settings use more battery life as well as takes larger amounts to memory for picture storage. This means that you will not be able to store as many photos on an SD card and you’ll have to change the batteries in the camera more often.

Before choosing which camera is best for you, you should first think.

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